Maserati SuperHatch

Old Stuff. The theme was a hatch volume for Maserati. I'll try render these cars in a near future.

FCC II Off Road Edition

Now this is a proper tire for this car!

4 FuN!

4 FuN!


Chevy 2012

American Muscle


Alfa Romeo

My first Alfa's try out.


Fiat Dobló - 2011

www.fiat.com.br for more information.

Fiat Strada Crew Cab - 2011

www.fiat.com.br for more information.

Mille for Speed - Police Edition

In a 65HP 1.0 liter engine, you're screaming for more speed!!!

Mille Stock Car Version - 2009

Not so Fast and Not so Furious!


GTA VI - Brasil Edition (!)

Can you imagine...lol